MIDL 2021

International Conference on
Medical Imaging with Deep Learning
5. bis 7. Juli 2021

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Werner R., Ehrhardt J., Cremers F., Schmidt R., Handels H.
Finite-Elemente-Modellierung der atmungsbewegten Lunge
In: 52. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS), Augsburg, 386, 2007
Werner R., Gauer T., Petersen C., Wilms M., Handels H.
Respiratory Motion and its Variability in Lung and Liver SBRT: DVH Analysis Exploiting 4DCT-Based Dose Accumulation
In: 2nd ESTRO Forum 2013 of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, Geneva, Switzerland, Radiotherapy and Oncology, 106 (Suppl. 2), S166-S167, 2013
Werner R., White B., Schwenke M., Handels H., Lu W., Low D.A.
Virtual Spirometry: Utilizing an Abdominal Bellows System for Quantitatively Gating in 4D CT Acquisition
In: Dössel O., Schlegel W.C. (eds.), World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich, Germany, IFMBE Proceedings, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 25/1, 855-858, 2009
Werner R., Ehrhardt J., Schmidt R., Handels H.
Modeling Respiratory Lung Motion - A Biophysical Approach using Finite Element Methods
In: Hu X.P., Clough A.V. (eds.), Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images, SPIE Medical Imaging 2008, San Diego, Vol. 6916, 0N-1-0N-11, 2008
Werner R., Wilms M., Cheng B., Forkert N.D.
Beyond Cost Function Masking: RPCA-based Non-linear Registration in the Context of VLSM
In: 6th International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI) 2016, Trento - Italy, 2016
Werner R., Ehrhardt J., Schmidt-Richberg A., Bodmann B., Cremers F., Handels H.
Dose Accumulation Based on Optimized Motion Field Estimation Using Non-Linear Registration in Thoracic 4D CT Image Data
In: Dössel O., Schlegel W.C. (eds.), World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich, Germany, IFBME Proceedings, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 25/IV, 950-953, 2009
Wendland H., Klinder T., Ehrhardt J., Wiemker R.
Lung Fissure Detection Using a Line Enhancing Filter
In: Buzug T.M., Ehrhardt J., Handels H., Ingenerf J., et al (eds.), Student Conference 2013, Medical Engineering Science, Lübeck, Grin Verlag, 23-26, 2013
Weller D., Hansen L., Blendowski M., Heinrich M.P.
Transferring a Deep Cityscape Synthesis Approach to the Medical Domain
In: Buzug T.M., Handels H., Klein S. (eds.), Student Conference 2018, Medical Engineering Science, Medical Informatics and Biomediacal Engineering, Lübeck, Infinite Science Publishing, 91-94, 2018
Weichert F., Wagner M., Streng A., Groh A., Ingenerf J., Liese W., Richards T., Shamaa A., Linder R.
Haptic Rendering for Blind and Severely Visually Impaired Children
In: MEDINFO 2007, Brisbane, Australia, Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics, Tagungs-CD342-343, 2007
Walter J., Liebenow L., Hoffmann R., Grzegorzek M.
Detecting behavioral changes of an individual using a Random Forest classifier on floor sensor data
In: Buzug T.M., Handels H., Klein S., Hübner C., Mertins A., Rostalski P. (eds.), Student Conference Proceedings 2022: Medical Engineering Science, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering, Auditory Technology, Biophysics and Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Lübeck, Infinite Science Publishing, 203-206, 2022
Wagenzink S., Duhm-Harbeck P., Kock A.-K., Ingenerf J.
Export- und Update-Modul für Studiendaten aus OpenClinica zur Weiterverarbeitung in MS Excel
In: HEC 2016: Health - Exploring Complexity; Joint Conference of GMDS, DGEpi, IEA-EEF, EFMI, München, 2016


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