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Safety4Bikes : Assistance Systems for Cycling Children to Increase Safety

TitleSafety4Bikes : Assistance Systems for Cycling Children to Increase Safety
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKappes R., Fudickar S., Deiters J.
Conference NameInternational Cycling Safety Conference - Abstract Book
Date Published2019

Cycling is a popular urban mobility solution. However, cyclists are more vulnerable and relatively unprotected compared to other road users. In Germany, the number of accidents with cycling children increases dramatically between the ages of 8 and 14 years, which is caused by their not fully developed cycling skills and understanding of traffic. The project Safety4Bikes aims at mitigating the risk of young cyclists by developing appropriate modular assistance systems that detect situational hazards and promote safe behaviour. Within the project, we are developing novel visual, tactile and acoustic signals integrated in bicycles and helmets to convey information for children in an understandable and non-distracting way. Embedding the cyclist into the surrounding context, we develop and investigate sensor technologies, algorithms and routing strategies needed for identification of the behaviour of cyclists on the road, traffic signs, safest routes and trajectory corrections. Additionally, we focus on the enhancements of Car2X communication to enable the exchange of information with other vehicles. The project follows a user centric approach in which the developed system components are continuously tested and adapted to the needs and characteristics of the target group. Answering the question of how the components will have to interact with the user is an important part of the research. Therefore, we evaluate the efficacy of the designed interaction and recognition methods as well as sensors, algorithms and routing strategies through laboratory experiments and bicycle simulators. With controlled test-track experiments on a test route, the components are further evaluated and optimised.

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