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LUMA: A Mapping Assistant for Standardizing the Units of LOINC-Coded Laboratory Tests

TitleLUMA: A Mapping Assistant for Standardizing the Units of LOINC-Coded Laboratory Tests
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsVogl K., Ingenerf J., Kramer J., Chantraine C., Drenkhahn C.M.
JournalApplied Sciences
Date Published6/2022

The coding system Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) serves the unambiguous electronic communication of physical quantities and their measurements and has faced a slow uptake. Despite being closely related to popular healthcare standards such as LOINC, laboratories still majorly report results using proprietary unit terms. Currently available methods helping users create mappings between their units and UCUM are not flexible and automated enough to be of great use in trying to remedy this. We propose the “LOINC to UCUM Mapping Assistant” (LUMA) as a tool able to overcome the drawbacks of existing approaches while being more accessible even to inexperienced users. By mapping LOINC’s Property axis to representations within UCUM reflecting its semantics, we were able to formalize the association between the two. An HL7 FHIR back-end provides LUMA with UCUM unit recommendations sourced from existing lookup tables simply by providing it with a LOINC code. Additionally, the mappings users created may be used to perform unit conversions from proprietary units to UCUM. The tool was evaluated with five participants from the LADR laboratory network in Germany, who valued the streamlined approach to creating the mappings and particularly emphasized the utility of being able to perform unit conversions within the tool.

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